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Krudas Cubensi : Queer activist hip-hop (cuba)

10 décembre 2017 à 19:00

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Las KRUDAS sont en tournée en Europe et viennent nous faire un intimist private show au Rita
Et ça c’est

A partir de 19h Bouffe VEGAN prix libre et

KRUDAS CUBENSI // Hip-hop Afroféministe Queer

The artists explain the name of the group by saying it means “the raw ones native from Cuba and the Caribbean representing in the world.” [7] The trio formed with the goal of adding “rawness” to Cuban hip-hop, inspired by natural sounds more than refined and harmonious beats.[8]

From the onset, Krudas Cubensi has tied activism to music and performance.[1] Identifying as “Afro-Latin, queer, vegan, hip-hop artists in the U.S.,” the musicians root their work at the intersection of their identities, believing in the connection of art and activism in the struggle for social justice.[1][3]

First in Cuba and now as part of the Cuban diaspora in the United States, the group puts social issues at the heart of all lyrics and performances, speaking of feminism, patriarchy and machismo, racism, homophobia and lesbophobia, classism, veganism, agism, etc.[1][3][9] The duo of poets produces what they call “conscious music,” seeking to promote and defend the experiences of “womyn, immigrants, queers and people of color.” [10]

Their work centers on music but is also about sharing knowledge with the different audiences, groups and individuals they encounter while touring, for example regarding the acceptance of body and gender nonconformity, and addresses topics such as body hair and menstruation, as in the song “120 horas rojas,” an ode to women’s periods.[3]


10 décembre 2017
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68 Cours Tolstoï
Villeurbanne, 69100
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