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Nosoyo + Captain Radar Dog

2 novembre 2017 à 20:30

NOSOYO (Alternative Pop – Berlin)
The band NOSOYO are Daim de Rijke and Donata Kamarz.
(no soy yo – from the Spanish “I am not myself”)
This pop duo jumped out of the indie road movie we like to imagine our lives as, a movie for which they wrote and still write the soundtrack to. Intense and casual at the same time, with a distinctly European coolness that hints at their geographical touchpoints of Amsterdam, Bonn, Berlin and Istanbul.
Their sound? Influenced as they are by a wide spectrum of music from Nina Simone to Sia, their sound shifts from delicately bouncy indie pop hymns to hypnotic electro folk with heavy synth basslines and layered vocals – and always catchy as hell.

CAPTAIN RADAR DOG (Funky Pop – Lyon)
Groupe lyonnais aux inspirations funk et groove. Félix au clavier, Jason à la basse, Pacome à la batterie et Audrey au chant.

LE FARMER – 14 Montée des Carmélites – 69001 LYON


2 novembre 2017
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Le Farmer
14 montée des Carmélites
Lyon, France
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