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Shopping + Le Cercle des Mallissimalistes + Plein Soleil + Hidden People + Lovataraxx + Salo + Ursa

18 novembre 2017 à 20:30

par Félicité Landrivon

SAMEDI 18/11 : Shopping + Le Cercle des Mallissimalistes + ?

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« At Shopping’s live shows, the mosh pit is a safe space. The British post-punk trio doesn’t explicitly intend to make political music, but as artists aiming to accurately portray life through song, their lyrics tend to veer toward topics like capitalism and queer-positivity. The band’s overt goal is simply to make songs people like to dance to. Tracks like “In Other Words” are marked by punchy, burrowing earworms of guitar riffs that embed themselves in your brain and beg to be hummed aloud. The overall effect is undeniably riveting, giving the dance floor a magnetic pull. »


18 novembre 2017
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