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Verdun + Atomic Trip

12 mars 2020 à 20:30


Le Farmer présente :
Jeudi 15 Mars 20h30, 7€
❤ Hangman’s Chair, Alcest, Unfold, Impure Wilhelmina, Celeste, Regarde les hommes tomber, Bongripper, Sylvie Vartan, Chaos E.T. Sexual, Dopethrone, Unsane, Vuyvr, Rorcal, When Icarus Falls, Coilguns, Year of No Light, Patrick Bruel..

VERDUN (heavy shit – Montpellier)
“Three years after their first album ‘The Eternal Drift’s Canticles » that sits them firmly as a stalwart of the european sludge / doom scene, Montpellier, France’s powerhouse VERDUN returns with « Astral Sabbath », marking their debuts as a four-piece. The band headed to the Cantal countryside during Spring 2019 to record and mix these seven tracks with Cyrille Gachet (Fange, Year Of No Light, Chaos Echoes). With an approach of slow and heavy music played with a punk energy and a psychedelic feel, the band shines at combining sorrowful melodies with earth-shaking riffing. More focused in writing memorable tracks rather than relying on deafening volumes, this second full-length is the band’s most accomplished effort, mastered by Bruno Varea (Blut Aus Nord, Doctor Livingstone…) and featuring striking artwork by illustrator Sinpiggyhead.
” Mathias Jungbluth

ATOMIC TRIP (doom sludge booze – Lyon)
The dope factory has exploded, inhale the smoke and prepare to trip. First, the violent blast of fuzz hits you in the face, then you board for a journey into blurry and muzzy dreams. Plug your darkest fuzz, light your joint, uncap your booze and feel the raw power of doom. We’re all atomic zombies trippin’ on slow riffs.

7€ (recettes 100% reversées aux groupes)
LE FARMER – 14 montée des Carmélites – 69001 LYON
• Privilégiez la marche à pied ou le vélo ! Et si tu viens en trottinette électronique tu paye le prix annoncé x3 •


12 mars 2020
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Le Farmer
14 montée des Carmélites
Lyon, France