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Earth Tongue (NZ) ✚ Y? ✚ Black Ink Stain

23 novembre à 20:30


@ Le Farmer

// Le Farmer présente :
Vendredi 23 novembre ⁂ 20h30 ⁂ 5€
❤ Unsane, Sebadoh, Fugazi, Melvins, NoMeansNo, The Ex, Cherubs, Battles, Mastodon, Maidavale, Boss Hog, At the Drive-In, Warpaint..

⁂ EARTH TONGUE (heavy fuzz stoner – Nouvelle Zélande)
Earth Tongue dwell in the distant future past. Other-worldly beings drifting upstream – taking all the best bits of the 1970s psych-rock era and placing them back within the alien landscapes from where they first emerged. Gussie Larkin (also in Mermaidens) plays thundering guitar and delicate voice. Ezra Simons (also in Red Sky Blues) plays delicate drums and thundering voice. Thanks to the robotics available to the everyday consumer, guitars can now sound like many things! Earth Tongue use this technology to their advantage, capturing sonic textures never before thought possible!
The duo have just finished recording the Portable Shrine EP which will be out near the end of September. In the mean time they’re broadcasting the title track Portable Shrine – a duet about a lonely witch getting abducted by a strange light source. Portable Shrine is a fuzzy, upbeat track that shakes the listener from their comfortable listening experience with jarring time signatures and unexpected pauses – making the seemingly straightforward track something more. Embracing the imperfections and the stranger sides of music is something Earth Tongue take seriously while writing and recording their music.
YT *live @ Psychfest*

⁂ Y ? (math rock – Périgueux)
Réduit à sa plus simple expression, guitare, chant, basse, batterie, Y? marie le meilleur d’un emocore à vif hérité de Fugazi et des séquences plus bruitistes portées par un jeu sans faille et une communion qui fait merveille à chaque apparition publique. Famille NoMeansNo ou The Ex, pour tracer de grandes lignes. Une musique qui demande écoute, loin des gadgets et fanfreluches sonores, s’élargissant de sages dissonances et de plages atmosphériques qui sont autant de respirations bienvenues dans un ensemble touffu, dense et parfois brutal… remarquable équilibre entre la colère et le comptemplatif.

⁂ BLACK INK STAIN (noise rock – Clermont Ferrand)
Playing LOUD, watching crappy movies, hating the rest of the world.

🕣 20h30
💸 5€ (recettes 100% reversées aux groupes)
🚴 LE FARMER – 14 montée des Carmélites – 69001 LYON


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23 novembre
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Le Farmer
14 montée des Carmélites
Lyon, France
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