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The Black Wizards (PT) ✚ The Chainsaw Motel

5 juillet 2018 à 20:30


@ Le Farmer

// ❤ Maidavale, Black Sabbath, Cream, Left Lane Cruiser..

》》》THE BLACK WIZARDS (fuzz stoner – Portugal)
Ils ratissent tous les Desertfest. Ça tourne en masse avec MAIDAVALE. Rien que ça. Bon.. maintenant si ça t’intéresse, lis cette bio en Anglais que j’ai pas traduis. Parce que j’ai clairement pas que ça à foutre. Si t’as un souci avec ça, viens on en parle et on se fout sur la yeule.
« Drinking from the same fountains as many of the contemporary bands around, The Black Wizards present us with a set of songs that give a new twist on previously heard sounds and stamp their own personality on these long tunes that pass by seamlessly. It’s as if they have been dwelling in obscurities having learned all there is to learn with more famous ’70s groups and then moving on. The Black Wizards exploded on the scene in late 2015 with bombastic 1st album “Lake Of Fire”. In a short space time, they evolved from a well intended but quite appealing EP (Fuzzadelic, feb 2015) to one hell of a long play. One does not even need to describe how well they master their instruments. Followed with European Tour and also quite relevant appearances at festivals, The Black Wizards are faced with the always difcult task nowadays of the dreaded follow-up record. One thing is for sure, The Black Wizards have grown. Not exactly old but experience wise. They have become sage beyond their young years and ears. Hence comes What The Fuzz!, their second record. What The Fuzz! revolves around the moment when these wizards agree it is time to let the avalanche of heaviness crumble down on you. With time to experiment in the studio, they came up with some nifty and surprising ideas. The Black Wizards upped their ante with sonic experimentation without ever losing sight of the core roots of having their feet on the ground. It’s almost like you’re listening to a blues record on the wrong rotation but actually enjoying it more that way ». (Psychedelic Baby Magazine)

》》》THE CHAINSAW MOTEL (Rock duo – Rennes/Nantes)
Ouai. Sont fin chaud ces gars-là ! Un mix parfait rock-stoner-noise-hardcore-math-pop-crust-post jsais pas quoi là :
Après plusieurs années passées à jouer sur la scène Undergound, partagé la scène avec des groupes tels que: Deez Nuts, Get the Shot, Dagoba ou The Algorithm ; Romain et Orel décident de collaborer autours d’un tout nouveau duo Rock. Influencé par des Artistes, tels que The Melvins, QotSA ou encore Deftones, TCM est un mélange entre énergie pure, mélodies et paroles introspectives.


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5 juillet 2018
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Le Farmer
14 montée des Carmélites
Lyon, France
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