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23 mai 2023 à 19:00

12€ à 15€

EF was formed already in 2003 – meaning its the bands 20th anniversary this year. The band have released 5 full length albums and played over 400 shows. In 2018 it all suddenly went quiet. Life happened. Kids were born. Families were formed. Houses bought and renovated. One got hospitalized. And then came the pandemics. It would be easy to just give up – call it quits.

But the forming members of EF decided to give it one last try. There were still so many melodies who needed to be recorded and out came a full length album. The album is called « WE SALUTE YOU, YOU AND YOU! » and is a ceremonial hymn to everyone who been through some tough years. And to everyone who’s still living in a world that isn’t as beautiful and peaceful as it should.

German post metal power house Pelagic Records (Mono, The Ocean, Psychonaut, Bruit< and many others) released it in November 2022 and EF are currently out on the roads to perform it.

(oui c’est au hard rock café on y est pour rien nous criez pas dessus)


23 mai 2023
Heure :
Prix :
12€ à 15€
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Hard Rock Café
1, Rue du Président Carnot
LYON, 69002


POST. Lyon