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Hyacinth Days + A.Maiah

14 septembre 2019 à 20:00

– 14/09: Hyacinth Days + A.Maiah @ Rita-Plage 20h PL


A.Maiah is a guitar player from the Basque Country who´s been involved in the punk scene since the late 90s playing in punkrock, postpunk and postcore bands. In 2016, while playing with the experimental jazzpunk guitar/drums duo Viva Bazooka and the postpunk quintet Los Nitxos, he slowly began to develop an instrumental guitar outfit which ranges from a more noise oriented free experimentation to strictly composed pieces which amalgamate different influences such as american folk and blues music but also certain jazz and traditional musics he´s been impregnated by through the years.


Basse solo/voix/Sample
Entre de l’indie rock pour les mélodies et du punk pour l’energie


Date :
14 septembre 2019
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68 Cours Tolstoï
Villeurbanne, 69100