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Sordide + Neige Morte

19 février 2022 à 20:30


▪️SORDIDE (Black metal – Rouen)
From the wet gutters of Rouen comes SORDIDE, a raw black metal power trio which spits its scornful and desperate anger in Molière’s language under the motto “neither name, nor flag”. Since their inception in 2014, the band has released two well-received albums, « La France A Peur » and « Fuir La Lumière », as well as a split EP with Satan. The power trio brings their idiosyncratic take on black metal to another level; reinterpreting
the heritage of second wave bands through their own disillusioned yet exultant lens. Undeniably rooted in punk in sound and spirit, the band shines at spreading its vehement urgency – furious or more lancinant, yet always hypnotic and vitriolic -,built for moist basement shows. Sordide just released their new album « Les Idées Blanches » on Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions.

▪️NEIGE MORTE  (Black metal – Lyon)
Neige Morte are an obscure entity from Lyon, France and Göteborg, Sweden, creating an icy and oppressive hypothermic musical blast. Ponderous and bizarre passages of atmospheric sound crack and give way plunging the listener into frozen riffs as they are carried off by the post-Black Metal current tearing through the heart of Neige Morte.

🕣 20h30
💸 8,00€ (recettes 100% reversées aux groupes)
🚴‍ LE FARMER – 14 montée des Carmélites – 69001 LYON


19 février 2022
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Le Farmer
14 montée des Carmélites
Lyon, France